When we create our new collections for the Per La Camill line, we always look to ensure that all women who wear our clothes feel free yet elegant and alluring.

What are our values?

Per La Camill collections are based on the comfortable clothing and latest trends, highlighting both – style and function. The garments can be varied with each other or used to enhance your existing wardrobe.

A key element for the brand is to create elegant and high-quality clothes, emphasising the beauty and charm of each woman. It is important for us to offer collections which skillfully amplify femininity, not only for special events, but also for every day, allowing for women to appear beautiful and vibrant, no matter the occasion.

Our highest value and emphasis are placed on the quality materials and garment design, as well as on the quality benefits of the fabric chosen. Each piece is handcrafted in Latvia, created on the foundation of current fashion trends, combined with fundamental aspects such as comfort, appearance, functionality, color, and the options for variation in a capsule wardrobe.

Elegant charm, delicate design and enjoyable comfort – words that suit Per La Camill as perfectly as our clothes will suit you.

Why Per La Camill?

The logo and artistic design of the brand emphasise the letters “A” and “C,” which are the first initials of the designer’s lovely daughters’ names – Amella and Camilla. Designer`s children are her life’s greatest treasures and the brightest pearls.

The word “perla” can be interpreted with a much deeper meaning, and the designer fully recognises and supports the desire of women to be brave and strong while also feeling protected, cherished and loved as a precious jewel – a pearl!

The Per La Camill collections are aimed to ensure that every woman feels elegant, sensual and charming.

The name Per La Camill weaves a tale which resonates with the essential values of its designer- for a woman to experience the sensation and reach the stage of life when she is at peace and in harmony with herself, with what she creates, does and experiences every day. 

The brand designer’s daughters have strengthened, motivated and encouraged her to shape the life so that everyday responsibilities harmonised with the motions of the soul, the inner world and the family responsibilities, duties, tasks and values. This is what led the idea of including the daughter’s energetically spirited and resonant name of Camilla in the brand name, linking it to the words “Per La.” In Italian, the word ‘perla’ means ‘pearl’, meanwhile, in Catalan, the direct translation of the words ‘per la’ is ‘author’. 

The Per La Camill collections are crafted just like that – as gorgeous and exotic pearls, whose design and details are thoroughly and carefully worked out by Camilla’s mother, who is idea’s author and the brand’s founder.

Made taking care of you with love from Latvia

We don`t stop playing because we grow up,
We stop playing because we get too busy,
Keep playing, life is not neverending.

Everlasting style for playful lives.

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